Welcome to the Psychology 20 Body of Knowledge (BOK) Wiki Project

The idea behind this project is to create a shared body of knowledge about a variety of topics in Psychology 20. You will have access to this where you will work collaboratively with your group to improve and expand on the topic you have selected.

How good each Wiki page is, depends on the efforts of those who have already contributed to it. Some pages are certainly better than others, but each page is its own work in progress. You are tasked with doing your best to expand and improve on the work of those who came before you.

Your tasks:
1. Join the wiki and select one of the research topics listed on the left.
2. You and your team are to work collaboratively to research, improve on, and expand the Wiki. This may involve activities such as going through the current material, evaluating it, finding better or more current material/examples and adding/deleting text.
3. Work with your team to prepare a presentation of your material to the class. (The presentation should take 20 minutes).
4. Design an assignment/activity for the class to complete that reinforces your material.

How you will be graded:
Your mark will be based on three parts:
1. Your contribution to the Wiki (The Wiki tracks everything that has been added, deleted, changed etc. and who made those changes).
2. Your presentation during which your group will share the material with the class.
3. Your creation of an activity/assignment that reinforces your material that THE CLASS will be marked on.
(Since you created the activity/assignment you’ll get 100% for the one you make).

Getting Started:
  • Click on the name of your topic on the left.
  • Click on the edit button in the top right to start putting your own content on your page.

I found a few extra resources that I'm going to attach below. Have a boo and see if anything fits with your topic.